All levels Vinyasa

You will be guided  to link each movement to your breath, creating a fluid sequence that will leave you feeling energized and centered.  Your breath will act as an anchor to your movement, as you transition from one pose to the next. Expect variety; warm-up stretches, some sun salutations, balancing, standing poses and perhaps an inversion. You can be certain of flow between poses as well as long, static holds. You will leave with a deeper connection to your mind, body and spirit. Modifications will be provided. Wednesday evening class and Friday morning class are in a heated room, all other Vinyasa  classes, Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday, will be at room temperature.


All Levels Yoga

There will be enough detail for the beginner, as well as room for challenge for the experienced yogi. The class will focus on alignment and breath and guide us through movement and flow of the practice. Come enjoy stretching and strengthening, as well as the balance between effort and ease.


Barre and Barre Fusion

Based off of a dancers work out, Barre Fusion is a combination of yoga and barre. Class will begin with breathing techniques and gentle warm-ups. An endurance building series interweaving yoga and barre will be the foundation of the class. Exercises are aimed at lengthening, strengthening and toning muscle. Class ends with a cool down and relaxation. All-levels welcome.


Beginner Basics Yoga

Whether you are a beginner or simply need to begin again, you will learn basic yogic postures in a comfortable and relaxed environment, designed to set the foundation of your yoga practice. Come learn to link movement with breath, as you are guided through standing and seated postures, inversions, twists, balancing poses and gentle back bends. Gain self-confidence and a deeper understanding of the benefits and joys of yoga.


Gentle Yoga

You will be guided through a variety of yoga poses designed to reduce stress, gently open the body, and enhance well-being. This class builds awareness

of body and breath through movement, stretching, core and restorative postures. It is perfect for beginners or experienced students seeking a slower pace.


LivFree For All Yoga – heated – Invigorating flow

An all-levels vinyasa flow class in a heated room that will get your body moving while your mind does its thing.  Modifications and variations are offered to satisfy both beginner and advanced Yogis so let’s turn up the music, create some joy and build our community. Your pace…your practice…your YOGA.


LivFreePowerUP! Yoga – heated

Vinyasa yoga with heart and soul. The room is heated, the music is fun and the energy is infectious! It’s an energetic flow that is absolutely accessible to all levels. Come prepared to be challenged and you will leave feeling alive. Come practice with Cathy and find your yoga… your mat… your practice… your YOU!

Lunchtime Yoga

Come stretch, strengthen, balance and breathe! End your week and start your weekend taking care of YOU.

All skill levels welcome. Offered Mondays  and Fridays at Noon-1 pm.

POP Pilates

POP Pilates is not your average mat Pilates class! Classic Pilates movements are choreographed to pop music to make this a fun and effective workout for all levels, beginner to advanced. This total body, equipment-free workout will sculpt a rock solid core and a lean dancer’s body like nothing else can. Come sweat to your favorite songs and leave class feeling energized!

Restorative Yoga

This gentler class is about stretching and relaxing into the practice that prepares the students for the week ahead. Let your  evening be one of unwinding and gentle renewal. The practice utilizes a combination of gentle asana flows, yin holdings and restorative poses with wonderful props to bring the student a deep stretch in a very relaxed meditative state. Give yourself this 75 minutes to start or end the week with an inner calm.

Rise & Shine! Yoga

All levels yoga offers a variety of asanas (postures) with modifications offered for all skill levels. Beginners through experienced students will feel welcome and challenged while enjoying the benefits of yoga, which include: increased strength, flexibility, balance, circulation and mental focus.

Stretch & Strengthen Yoga

Are you ready to take your yoga practice to the next level?  Susan will offer a variety of traditional yoga postures and safely guide you as you grow in your practice.  Class will include meditation, breath work, static and dynamic postures, balance poses and inversions, all to stretch your muscles, increase your joint range of motion and strengthen your core. Modifications and variations will be offered to meet your needs. Resistance bands to be used for certain postures.


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