Traditional Pilates teaches the disciplines of flexibility, posture and overall body strength in a relaxed setting. Whether you’ve been practicing Pilates for years or are looking for a way to reenergize your workout routine, POP Pilates could be the class for you!

What is POP Pilates?

Developed by YouTube fitness instructor Cassey Ho of the popular channel Blogilates, POP Pilates integrates choreography and music with conventional Pilates poses. No matter what your fitness level, everyone could use a little excitement in their workout!

Improve your flexibility and get energized with classic Pilates moves choregraphed to your favorite contemporary pop music! Take proven exercise concepts to the next level with POP Pilates, a total body workout that promises to give you the grace and body of a dancer. Those who follow the program and maintain a healthy diet can expect to develop a strong core, strong legs and improved upper body strength over time.

Take a Class with Us!

If you’re new to Pilates, there is no need to be intimidated. Anyone from beginner to advanced athlete, can take a POP Pilates class, have fun and see results! And the best part? No heavy equipment is needed! If you’re ready to transform your body with a modernized and entertaining workout routine, give POP Pilates a try today!