Whole Body Healing

At BreatheMoreYoga, we are a full holistic community.  Our studio promotes a cozy and comfortable atmosphere for new and familiar faces. A holistic approach to healing treats the whole body from, physical to mental and spiritual health. When your entire body is in balance, relaxed and pain-free, quality of life is improved. We offer several forms of holistic healing from massage to reflexology and Reiki.

Deep-Tissue Massage

When the connective tissues around your muscle are tense, a deep-tissue massage can relieve your body of the knots that are causing pain, stiff muscled and poor posture.

Foot Reflexology

During a session, pain is relieved through the stimulation of pressure points in the feet. Reflexology is a popular method to prevent future illness, ease stress and promote relaxation.


In a typical Reiki session, the practitioner applies light pressure to points in your body that are experiencing pain. The gentle flow of energy prevents stress and muscle tension.

Sports Massage

When an athletes is experiencing pain after a tough workout or from an acute injury, a sports massage relieves soreness and promotes a faster recuperation process so you can get back to it!

Swedish Massage

Traditional massage is a combination of gentle and hard kneading techniques. A Swedish massage helps to relax the muscles in your body that are in pain, from your neck, to your back and legs.