What is Sound Meditation?

Sunday, September 24th, 6-8 pm, $35

Join us as we unveil the NEW Lower Studio!


Sound Meditation is an orchestration of ancient Himalayan singing bowls, planetary gongs, bells and other tools played by trained musicians with the intent of guiding you into a soothing, meditative state through the sounds and vibrations of the instruments. A “sonic bath” will feel like a mind and body massage. The vibrations have the ability to shift your energy and the experience can be quite transformational. For some it can be cathartic, for others it can provide deep relaxation and feeling of inner calm, or even a much needed burst of energy.

At BreatheMoreYoga, we combine these sound-healing concerts with a restorative yoga session. You will be guided into poses on the mat, using props such as blankets, bolsters, blocks, eye pillows and weighted sand bags. Poses will be held for several minutes in order to create deep stretching and relaxation. You will be comfortable and at ease.

The combination of sound meditation plus restorative yoga is an experience like no other. In our world of hectic lifestyles, this is a chance to slow down, breathe and practice nurturing self-care.

We offer these sessions quarterly at the Studio; March, June, September and December. Each session is 2 hours on a Sunday evening and the fee is $35. Next dates are: Sundays, September 24 and December 10, 6pm- 8 pm.