Massage with Nancy Waddock, LMT

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Sports Massage

This type of massage is specifically designed to help improve performance and boost flexibility in athletes. It is a fast-paced massage to “wake up” and increase blood flow to the muscles that will be used in a particular sport. When your muscles are overworked from repetitive motion, a sports massage can also relax certain areas after activity to prevent soreness and allow for a speedy recovery. In the event of an injury during training or a game, a sports massage can help relieve your pain and reinvigorate your muscles after a period of rest.

  • $75 for 60-minute session
  • $100 for 90-minute session

Benefits of Massage

There are many benefits of massage for athletes who work their bodies each day. Some advantages of sports massage for dedicated athletes include:

  • Improved athletic ability
  • Recuperation from injury
  • Enhanced flexibility and range of motion